Reference 134613

PA EGY16145Z A/D PV6 100MM 12V V-B

Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 100
Compressor ID: EGY16145Z
Connector type: V-B
Fastening Type: sujeción directa
Manufacturer Restriction: PANASONIC
Number of mounting bores: 4
Oil Fill Quantity [ml]: 120
Refrigerant: R 134 a
Voltage [V]: 12

EG2161450A, EG2161450B, EG2161450C, EG2161K00, EG2161K00A, EG2161K00B, EGY161450, EGY161K00, EGY161K00A

It has application in the following vehicles

Marca Modelo Motor Año
MAZDACX-7 (ER)2.3 MZR DISI Turbo AWD (ER3P)2006 -> 2014
MAZDACX-7 (ER)2.3 MZR DISI Turbo AWD (ER3P)2006 -> 2014